It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life and you’ve spent months or even years planning it. While there were a few ambiguous weeks where it wasn’t clear on whether weddings could go ahead, and how that would work with people having to try and follow social distancing recommendations and those missing out that were needing to self-isolate, all weddings are now officially off for at least the next three weeks and will need to be re-arranged. So what do you do now? First of all, all of us at Fleur de Lys Bridal are thinking of you at this difficult time and hope that you are all staying safe and well.

  1. Contact your venue

    During this unprecedented time, most venues will be very understanding and supportive about rescheduling and postponing your wedding. As venues tend to be booked up years in advance, this will be your priority for finding out when the next available slot will be.

  2. Contact your other suppliers – caterers, florist, photographer, bridal gown store

    If you are able to set a new date with your venue, contact all your other suppliers to find out whether they are able to fit in with your new date. If you don’t have a new date yet, contact them all just to let them know that you are postponing your wedding.

  3. Update your guests

    Your guests will be worried for you and may be concerned if they are particularly vulnerable and may need to self-isolate for longer than most. Set up a group email update, WhatsApp group or a wedding website so you can easily keep everyone informed of the latest details about your postponed wedding.

  4. Contact your wedding insurer

    If you have wedding insurance, check their website for updates. It will be a busy time for wedding insurers, but try to get through to them as soon as possible. Hopefully they will be publishing regular updates and advice, but keep an eye on whether their policies change when it comes to rebooking and how this may be affected with future government advice. If you don’t already have wedding insurance and are looking at getting it, check the small print as lots of insurance will only provide cover for “unknown or unforeseeable” events, and a future cancellation caused by Coronavirus may not be covered by this. Many large wedding insurance suppliers are currently not letting people take out insurance at the moment due to COVID-19 until there is evidence that it will not be causing problems in the future.

  5. Keep an eye on things

    Once you’re updated everyone and sorted a new date.. first of all take a deep breath, relax and have a glass of wine!

All you can do now is keep an eye on the situation and adapt as needed. We have every hope that your new date can go ahead but if you need to move the date again, then just make sure you’re following the above tips again. It’s an extremely unprecedented time and we know from experience how accommodating the wedding industry is, so don’t panic, you will get your day…
If you do have any questions regarding your dress or any appointments for dress fittings, please feel free to get in touch. Although our store is closed at the moment, we are available to respond to emails and messages sent through the website and social media.

Stay safe and well.