Ooooh weddings, weddings, weddings… What an amazing occasion to celebrate love!

However, during the whole craziness and stress of planning for the perfect day, choosing the right dress is one of the hardest decisions to make and it’s so easy to get lost in the endless array of styles and cuts of the wedding dresses! We all have different body types and shapes, and each type of dress can completely transform your look and the way you feel in it.
We’ve put together some tips for the different figures and what type of dress would compliment various shapes of figures the most. However, don’t let the “rules” hold you back! These are just recommendations, so if you feel confident in a dress and love the way you look, go for it. The most important thing is for you to feel the most beautiful!
First of all, it’s important to know your body better and to recognize what type of figure you have. There are five general woman body types:

  • Pear – women with a pear-shaped body have a smaller chest and shoulders but wider hips and thighs.
  • Inverted triangle – this type of body usually has the shoulders and upper body larger than the lower body. Shoulders tend to be broader and hips and waist have a slim shape.
  • Apple – women with an apple-shaped body usually have a fuller bust than most (lucky!), have broad shoulders, and a full waist, and upper back. Apple-shaped bodied women also tend to have thinner arms, legs, and hips.
  • Rectangle or Athletic – women with this type of body tend to have shoulders, bust and hips roughly at the same size and waist isn’t much smaller too.
  • Hourglass – the hourglass figure is one of the traditional female body shapes. Shoulders, bust and hips are roughly the same size but the waist is smaller than the hips. Women with this body shape tend to have an extremely defined waist which is at least 25% smaller than the hips.
Different body types and figures

Once you know what type of body you have, it’s then easier to know what type of wedding dress you could start looking at.

A pear body shape

A pear-shaped women looks great in A-line wedding gowns or ball gown as they draw attention away from the waist and hips but highlights a tiny waist. Especially sweetheart neckline helps to draw the eye to toned shoulders that those lucky pear-shaped ladies have!

A line V neck wedding dress
Ball gown wedding dress

An Inverted triangle body shape

For inverted triangle body shapes one of the best options is V-neck wedding dresses. Especially with the thick straps or sleeves to balance out broad shoulders and make them more in proportion with the rest of the body.

A great option would also be a ball gown and a mermaid dress. Because of a heavier body top, ball gowns with a full skirt creates balance with wide shoulders, while a structured and figure-hugging bodice accents waist. Were a mermaid dress’s slim bodice and flared skirt provides a flattering counterpoint to the shapely shoulders and athletic body.

V neck wedding dress
Mermaid wedding dress

An Apple body shape

An apple-shaped body woman would look the most flattering in a deep V-neckline because it will draw attention upward while flattering the bustline. However, if the shoulders are broad enough, dresses with the off the shoulder designs would suit the best without making you look wider. Another criteria for this shape woman is to choose a gown that flatters the waist. For example, a wide ribbon at the waist will create a more balanced proportion of the body.

A line wedding dress
Mermaid wedding dress

A Rectangle body shape

For a rectangle or athletic shaped figure, a go-to silhouette would be A-line, Empire or Ball gown. A voluminous ball gown would create the illusion of curves and a fitted bodice will flatter the bust, arms and shoulders. Also, a wedding dresses with embellishment around the bust and V or U shape necklines will add more angles to your body shape and add a feminine shape to you.

Woman in a wedding dress
woman in white sleeveless dress

The Hourglass body shape

And finally – the hourglass figure. Usually, women with this figure are the lucky ones as almost every style suits their body shape. Because of a small waist, Mermaid dress would be a great choice because it would hug the body in a very flattering way and would show off the curves. Hourglass figures also look great in a corset or A-line dresses with a dropped waist.

Mermaid wedding dress with embellishment
Ball gown wedding dress with embellishment

As there are many dresses to choose from, never choose a dress just because it’s on-trend or someone said you have to choose the exact one. Choose it because it suits your shape and size. Every bride has things she likes and doesn’t like about her body so choose the dress you feel the most comfortable and the best in!