Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. This experience should be magical and as stress-free as possible, but sometimes from all the excitement, it can be a little overwhelming. We have put together these questions to help you prepare for a great wedding dress shopping day!

Questions to ask before a wedding dress appointment

1. How does a wedding dress appointment work and how much time will I have for my consultation?

A quick call to the shop to get the answer to this question will help you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive. Also, if you know the approximate time for your appointment, you’ll be able to have a rough idea of how many dresses you think you’ll be able to try on so you can make sure you have your favourites lined up first, if you have any in particular that you are wanting to try on.

2. What’s the size range of the wedding dresses and what designers and styles do they offer?

A better knowledge of the sizes, designers and styles before the appointment will allow you to find out if the shop has your size dresses to try on. If not, then you won’t be wasting your time by going in and will instead choose a shop that can offer dresses for your size. Also, a little research of the designers can help to see if they create dress styles to your taste.

3. Do you have shoes, accessories and support garments that I can use during my wedding dress appointment?

Sometimes it’s just a veil, tiara, belt or other accessories that can be missing that create that wow factor for your wedding look. If a shop can offer those accessories during the appointment, it can help create your final dream look for your special day. For the first appointment, usually, shoes aren’t vital to take as all the sample dresses will probably be too long anyway.

Arranged bridal shoes and accessories

4. Will you store my wedding gown for me?

Some brides don’t want to keep their gown at home until the wedding day comes to avoid the groom or anyone else seeing it in advance. Or simply you don’t have space at home to keep it, especially if it’s a princess ball gown. Some shops can store a gown once it has been made and delivered, just have in mind that you may have to pay a storage fee. However, some shops won’t be able to store the dress for you. That’s why it’s important to find out this information before the appointment so you can arrange for somewhere else to store the dress, like a friend or relative’s house.

Woman trying on wedding dress in a shop with friends

5. How many guests can I bring with me?

It’s not a secret that the more entourage you bring, the harder it can make for you to decide on your dress because of conflicting opinions. So a couple of guests could be the perfect number to have support when dress shopping and make the process less stressful. However, if you wish to bring more people with you, it’s best to ask the shop before the appointment if there is room to fit more guests inside the shop.

6. How does the payment process work?

Shops may have different expectations when it comes to payment, so you’ll need to be clear on when the full balance of your dress is due. Most of the shops ask for a 50% deposit and the rest to be paid when the dress arrives, or for the rest to be paid in installments. However, if a dress is a custom made then you’ll probably need to pay for it all in advance.

Questions to ask at a wedding dress appointment

7. What style/shape wedding gown do you think would suit me?

It’s easy to get lost in the world of all those beautiful gowns! Even if you have a dress style in mind, once you’re trying it on, you may find that you would prefer something else! The staff working in the shop will be professionals and have plenty of experience in what styles work for which body types so should be able to advise you. Keep an open mind to their suggestions as you may be surprised by what styles suit you.

8. Can I customise the wedding dress in any way?

Before you make up your mind about a gown, you need to find out if you can change its construction, color or fabric. Some dresses can be hard to alter as some patterns are tough to make look good if you’re taking them in or shortening them. Your helpful bridal consultant will know what’s possible for each particular dress and will be able to advise.

wedding dress alterations

9. Will I need alterations and is it included in the price?

This question is one of the most important ones as this can be an additional cost to include in your wedding dress budget. You’ll need about two or three fittings to alter and fit your dress perfectly. Some shops will charge for particular alterations or for the time it will take whereas others might charge a flat fee. Also, some shops might not offer alteration services and you will need to take your dress to a seamstress, which could cost even more.

10. What’s the timeline from choosing my wedding dress to it being finished?

It could take up to four or six months for your dress to be ready after you buy it. If you’ll need the dress quickly, you must check this with the shop in advance. You might be able to buy a sample dress to be able to speed up the timeline.

11. What If My Weight Changes?

This is probably the worst-case scenario for every bride, that the dress won’t fit when the special day comes! Ask your assistant how easy it will be to do last-minute tweaks in case this happens. They will probably recommend when your last dress fitting should be so they definitely have enough time to make any last changes to the dress.

Now you know what important questions to ask your bridal shop before and during your consultation, we hope it will make your shopping experience even more magical and stress-free! We have many of the answers to these questions on our website and would be happy to speak to you on the phone before your appointment, just give us a call on 01799 526982 or visit our Book an Appointment page.