Your wedding day is something to treasure for a lifetime, and only by remaining calm during planning can you be sure the occasion is befitting of the joy and happiness you want everyone to feel when it arrives. Given the complexity of weddings, there’s a lot of things to get your head around, so we have decided to break down 10 very simple steps you can take to ensure you have a smooth ride from start to finish.

Hire Reputable Services

Across the marketplace, there will be ample choice in terms of wedding photographers and cake specialists. It’s therefore hugely important to identify people who are masters of their craft and come with a glowing reputation, otherwise you could be at risk of shoddy workmanship. So, seek out reviews from previous customers and make sure research is done thoroughly.

Get Organised

From the off, you need to make sure every single aspect has been organised in the best possible way. That means placing things in different categories and maybe even thinking about prioritizing certain facets over others. Failure to streamline the planning process could mean things get missed, something which could cause more and more stress as the big day gets nearer.

Involve Everyone

Even if you’re quite possessive over something, it may be prudent to get as many people involved, since this not only speeds up the process, but also helps to bond friends and family even more. Getting everyone in on the act means they can all take pride when the wedding day arrives, which can only be a good thing when trying to create a memorable occasion.

Set a Budget

Once you have set a budget, you should be able to put plans into motion. After you have determined exactly how much you can send, make sure to stick to this and never push the boat too far out in terms of extravagance. Everyone would love a 5* beach wedding on the shores or Mauritius, but be realistic, and remember that your wedding day is more about the significance of your vows and the people in attendance.

Pick a Theme

The backdrop of your big day will be the overall theme. With a prominent theme established, you can then turn your attention to every little detail, making sure this matches with the colours, tones and general vibe you want. A vast catalogue of design choice is now available on the marketplace, allowing for both modern or traditionally inclined wedding days, so simply think about which would best suit your taste and take it from there.

Sort Your Dress

Such days are often defined by the type of wedding dress being worn by the bride, so you can imagine the importance of getting this sorted at the earliest opportunity. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be scrupulous with your choices, as the dress needs to reflect you as a person, and emanate the style needed to truly amplify your best features. Whether you desire contemporary ivory dresses or traditional white designs, the dress is a vital aspect and should be very high on your priority list.

Select a Date Well in Advance

People often live very hectic lives and need to know well in advance about what’s coming up over the course of each year. Don’t let big football matches or major work commitments prevent people from attending your big day, so select a time which is most appropriate for both yourself and any potential guests. The time of year will also be important, as summer weddings will adopt a very different vibe to something held in the winter.

Seek Advice

It’s perfectly understandable if your head is spinning and you don’t know where to start! Just remember, there are plenty of others who would have been in the exact same situation, which is why seeking their advice may be a good way to reassure those nerves and create a greater sense of clarity moving forwards. Just a simple chat with someone who has recently gotten married could bring more light on certain things and make you realise how a lot of your worries aren’t really necessary.

Promote the Event

Maybe even get some form of website or social media page where updates can be shared, and open discussions can be made between any guests who will be in attendance. This could be a great way to generate even more buzz and bring people together before the main day bestows upon you. You don’t even have to make this difficult for yourself, as even a dedicated WhatsApp group could be all that’s needed to strike up some conversation between friends and family.

Focus Solely on the Wedding

You may be tempted to think about the after party and potential honeymoon trips, but it may be worth taking things down a notch to start with and only think about the main wedding day. Being distracted by so many different things at once could soon become overwhelming, and let’s be honest, the most significant aspect behind the entire shebang is actually getting married.

If you would like any help with wedding dress, wedding accessories or need advice ahead of your big day, feel free to book an appointment with us today.