Your wedding day is a joyous occasion, and the perfect excuse to go wild with style! And one of the defining features is of course shopping for your wedding dress! This forms the main centre-piece of the day, and often becomes etched into people’s memory forever.

Deciding which dress would be most suitable is vital! But don’t stress yourself out! We have taken a close look at what are perhaps the two most common options available. So, here is a breakdown of both white and ivory wedding dresses.

The Difference Between White and Ivory Wedding Dresses

Over the years, a white wedding dress has often been the go-to-choice. The reason being the bright and vibrant tone this emits, made perfect for days which are meant to bring about both joy and happiness.

Wearing a white dress allows people to use the perfect accessories across a wide spectrum of both opulent and simple concepts. So in summary, this is a great choice for versatility!

wedding accesories

On the other hand, ivory wedding dresses provide the same white, vibrant appearance as the former, but with more luxury attached. Modern-day brides often choose ivory dresses, simply because their darker hue is considered slightly more contemporary.

Is a White or Ivory Wedding Dress Better for Darker Skin Tones?

Darker skin tones may be better suited to white designs like this gorgeous Stella York Wedding Dress. With this approach, you can truly enhance colouring associated with the design, offering a far more stunning impact upon arrival. It’s your big day, so wearing a dress which elevates the quality of your skin will create the perfect storm for refinement and flair.

6514 – Stella York
6514 – Stella York

Is a White or Ivory Wedding Dress Better for Paler Skin Tones?

A concept made predominantly white could easily wash out pale skin tones, so perhaps an ivory alternative like this Stella York Wedding Dress could be the way forward. Wearing a darker dress means the overall look is more polished, since adopting a more calculated approach will ensure no single part of your appearance will take precedence over everything else.

6466 – Stella York
6466 – Stella York

What About a Champagne or Blush Coloured Wedding Dress?

Weddings are often about mixing fashion with tradition, so here’s where both champagne and blush coloured dresses come into the fold. The former is a neutral tone that looks great on people when used alongside earthy and pastel toned wedding accessories.

The latter is a pink variation, offering the perfect alternative for people who think this colour should be centre stage of their big day. It’s rosy tone offers a warm and soothing vibe, creating the best substitute for anyone who isn’t too keen on wearing a bright, white design.

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