You don’t have to be an uncontrollably excited bride-to-be to know the wedding traditions that make up most couples big day. From something borrowed, to the bride being given away by her father, these occurrences have been taking place for centuries; setting the way for future weddings. Keeping these practices is seen as a must to many, and if you are one of these brides, but want something a little different, to personalise your wedding, why not tweak the tradition?

Instead of the cake cutting
Many couples stick to the favoured towering confection, with stunning decorations all round, but some are serving smaller cakes as part of the display, or even using them as centrepieces. And if you aren’t a cake lover, you don’t have to serve cake; what about ice-cream scooping, or pie slicing instead?

Instead of a traditional first dance
You have probably gazed and watched plenty of couple swaying to a first-dance tune, but if you want to make things livelier, go for it. A tango, or a salsa, add something a little different, and may suit your personalities more.

Instead of the bouquet toss
Even though this tradition has been popular in the past, many brides nowadays aren’t doing the bouquet toss at all. Instead, consider honouring your closest friends with a toast or with personal notes.

Instead of making a dramatic exit
The bride and groom are often sent off with a round of applause, before being whisked away in a car. But if you want to stay until the very end, and dance the night away, think about providing shuttles, taxis or double-decker buses to ensure the your guests get home safely.

Instead of a father-daughter dance
This is a special moment for many brides, but asking other guests, or maybe even your mother or friend to join will make the moment even more special to you.

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