When it comes to personalising your wedding, anything is possible these days and it is not surprising that the number of ceremonies including pets has seen a rise in popularity; making sure everyone that is important to the couple is included in some way.

Whether you want your canine friend to be extend his role from being ‘man’s best friend’ to ‘groom’s best man’ or you want to arrive at the ceremony riding your horse, including animals can certainly make the day more memorable and will definitely personalise your wedding. Normally more easily imagined than plausible, having the family dog or a plethora of pets at your wedding, takes some serious thinking and planning.

Checking with the church, venue and suppliers that bringing along your extra family member is okay, and they are happy to work with pets, is the first step. With dogs being the most common choice of wedding personalisation, common considerations such as using a lead, or forward thinking about guests who may be allergic is as important as deciding the dog’s role as a whole. On a positive note, other guests – normally more than one – may be willing to partake in some pet sitting, taking it in turns to look after their needs, so that everyone involved can enjoy your day. Children in particular, are likely to be delighted to see your pet at the celebration, and will be queuing up to play and look after your unique wedding guest, whilst you take in every moment. Last, but by no means least, make sure you inform your photographer that your beloved pet will be present. Allowing the photographer to prepare for the unplanned moments, and capturing your pet in action, may well provide you with the once in a life-time photo you were not expecting.

Involving every aspect of your life, and including everyone that is important to you in your wedding day celebrations is what will make your day so special to you. If you have, or are planning on inviting your pet to your big day, we would love to see some photographs. Email them to info@fleurdelysbridal.co.uk so they can have their fifteen minutes of fame.