At Fleur de Lys Bridal we know and understand that every bride who enters our shop is at a different stage of the wedding planning process. This has meant our team have gained an insight from hundreds of brides, that one wedding truly is different from the next. However, this has pushed us to ensure we offer the highest quality of service, with genuine help and advice along the way.

When a bride enters our boutique, our team doesn’t know what to expect, but this never affects our promise to each and every bride – to offer the VIP treatment you deserve. Combined years of experience in the industry has allowed us to know how to deal with every individual – quite simply catering to your needs. Not every bride finds ‘the wedding gown’ in the first dress they try on, and we understand this; some brides take longer than others. We are here to spend however long it takes, to find the perfect gown for every bride, using our own personal experiences, and our substantial knowledge to ensure you feel and look like the bride you have always dreamed of being.

Additionally, many brides find it useful to see other ‘real-life’ brides in their gowns, on their wedding day to get further inspiration, and so we have dedicated a page on our website to ‘Our Brides’. This page is regularly updated to offer the most recent looks to future customers, ranging in designers, styles, colours and wedding themes.

Don’t forget, all of our brides receive VIP appointments, to ensure you feel as special as you should during your wedding planning. If you would like to book your very own VIP appointment, contact us today on 01799 526982 – we can’t wait to meet you!