Once the dress of your dreams has been found, the next step is the shoes. Shoes are a girl’s best friend, and they should continue to be so on her wedding day. But where do you start? If you have a certain theme, why not continue it with your choice of footwear?  If you are stuck on where to go next when searching for the most important pair of shoes you will buy, consider these steps, and visit us to put them into practice.

  1. You need to find comfortable wedding shoes
    Remember, your wedding day is a full day; from morning until evening, you will be wearing these shoes. Our wedding shoes ensure your comfort with additional padding, and don’t decide to wear the highest heels you can find, if you don’t normally wear heels. If you are used to wearing flat shoes, do the same for your wedding.
  2. Consider the fabric
    Silk and satin are traditionally the most popular choices, but naturally your wedding dress and personal taste are going to have the greatest impact on your choice. Remember, if you are wearing a non-traditional dress, your shoes don’t need to be traditional either.
  3. Don’t leave it until the last minute
    It is really important that you have your shoes for your dress fittings; so any tailoring can take place in the most accurate way possible. So start your search for them as early as possible, probably as soon as you have found your dress.
  4. Consider the colour
    Not only should the shoes be a great match for your dress, and the setting, location and style of your wedding – but they should reflect your personality. You may want them dyed brightly to match the bridesmaid dresses, or embellish them with diamonds, or keep them traditional and match the colour to your dress.
  5. To dance or not to dance
    If you know that you will be joining your guests in dancing the night away, consider purchasing a comfortable pair of flat shoes to change into later; and enjoy the night.

We have a wide selection of wedding shoes to suit every brides taste in-store. If you would like to view and try them on, call our bridal team on 01799 526982 today