Find the hairstyle to match you

After the dress, your choice of hairstyle is one of the most important decisions in finishing the bridal look that you have been dreaming about for years. The chosen style needs to compliment the dress, the accessories, the veil and of course your personal features. So, after choosing your wedding dress, start considering the following tips to help you pick a hairstyle that will suit you, your personality and your wedding.

Try out different looks

Importantly, experiment with different styles beforehand; although nothing too drastic like having your hair cut off or changing the colour dramatically. Start by researching  online, and then take these ideas to your hairdresser with plenty of time before the big day to remove the potential for added stress.

How will your hair suit your dress?

Consider your neckline, whether you’re wearing sleeves and the length of your dress. If you’re wearing something with a high neckline your hair will look better in an up-do, but if you have chosen a boho style wedding day, you might want to wear your locks long and flowing free.

Take your venue into consideration

You should think about how your hairstyle is going to work with your venue in terms of whether it will work with an outdoor wedding. Or, if you have a destination wedding planned, you may want to keep your hair out of the way and have it pinned back off your neck.

Use your hair type to your advantage

If you have fine hair and have never tried hair extensions, then this could be the time to try something new; adding extra volume to a down do. If you have curls, then they can be worked into your look by having a modern side plait twist incorporated with the down do.

Hopefully these tips will help give a bit more of an understanding of how to choose the best hairstyle for you, and feel one hundred per cent confident in the choice you made. If you would like to finish off your hair with some accessories, there are plenty to choose from in-store at the Fleur de Lys Bridal boutique – call 01799 526982 to find out more.