Enjoying your wedding day will remain at the top of every bride’s agenda for centuries to come, yet this is considerably easier said than done. Not that you aren’t basking in the love for your future partner, the love from all your guests, but the stress that accompanies any wedding can affect any bride’s big day.

The entire process of wedding planning can be very stressful – ensuring everything is perfect for your special day. It is not surprising that so many brides struggle to put that to the back of their mind throughout the ceremony and reception. We are not saying that we can ensure all bride’s a completely stress free wedding day, but here is some advice to help you lower those levels just enough so that it doesn’t take over.

  • Unwind the night before. You could have a little pamper session with your bridesmaids or a movie evening, just simply relaxing with those around you.
  • Like many brides, you may not have a perfect night’s sleep the night before your wedding, but don’t worry, adrenalin will sweep you through and hold you up.
  • Make sure you don’t leave making any arrangements until your wedding day – these should all be done by the day before at the latest so that you can completely de-stress.
  • Breakfast is a must! Even if you feel nervous, just manage to get something into you even if it’s not the traditional breakfast.
  • If you are not getting ready at home, take you iPod – the music will help you relax and give you a playlist to remind you of your wedding day.
  • Surround yourself with your chosen special friends/mum to keep others’ anxiety away from you – remain as calm as possible.
  • If you’ve had a change of heart about styling, inform your stylist before the wedding morning, or have a last minute trial to settle any doubts.
  • Have your dress hanging up out of its cover, with shoes and accessories laid out, to help your photographer when they arrive – removing added stress for you.

Try and follow as many of these as possible and remember to just breathe, and take it all in. The day will fly by, and you want to make the most of it whilst not worrying.

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