Giving your guests a little something to say thank you for attending your wedding is something most couples do, and is always appreciated. However, choosing the perfect favour for your big day can sometimes be a difficult decision, as you want it to represent you as a couple, but also be something that your guests will genuinely have use for.

Use the following ideas as some inspiration to choose the wedding favours that most represent you and your soon to be husband, whilst offering your guests something they will appreciate.

Personalised lip balm

Perfect for winter weddings, lip balms are always an essential for the colder months. Consider the likes of strawberry champagne or blueberry ginger for different flavours.


For a summer wedding there is nothing better for your guests, whilst potentially making for an original group photograph idea.

Tote Bag

Personalised material bags with your names, the date and location of your wedding make for something totally individual and useful.

Bottle openers

If your reception is planning to go into the early hours, there is nothing more useful than a bottle opener with a little thank you to your guests written on each one.

Classy hangover kit

Include a small bottle of water, ibuprofen and an eye mask to help all your guests the following morning.

Instagram coasters

Include beautiful photos, meaningful to you and to your guests, and make each coaster individual to your relationship with that person.

Cookie/Pick ‘n’ Mix buffet

Including takeaway containers, this can be for the reception itself, but also offers  the option to take home afterwards.

Luggage Tags

Perfect for destination weddings, these can detail personal messages to your family and friends and can be used forever more.

These ideas should give you the inspiration you need to personalise, design or purchase your own wedding favours that mean something to you and your guests.