Sunshine, blue skies and warm weather; three factors anticipated for a summer wedding. And as we head into spring, summer will soon be upon thousands of brides planning their special summer weddings.

June and September are seen as two of the most popular months to marry, and have continued to prove the main reason behind the growing popularity of summer weddings; whether they are at home or even abroad. Many brides-to-be have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were old enough to dream, but the last few months before the big day are always some of the most important in the planning process.

As lighter dresses take prevalence in the majority of summer weddings, the 2015 trends have been set for the upcoming season. This year, the midriff has proven popular, as full-length skirts with modern crop tops adding a cool edge to the look have continued to be seen on the runways. On the other end of the spectrum comes lace, as it continues to remain in style for many brides, whether it is used for detailing or to the extent of the entire dress being lace, over a cashmere-coloured undergarment.

Your summer wedding colour theme is crucial too, whether it’s running throughout the wedding or just in parts in order to set the scene, while making the most of what the season has to offer. Consider warmer toned colours, such as mint and coral which work beautifully together to set the day. You can continue your summer theme through your choice of flowers. The seasonal choice is at its broadest, but it may be wise to speak to your florist as allergies and insect populations are also at their peak, and these may be reflected in your decision. Nobody, not even a bride or bridesmaid, looks their best if they are sneezing repeatedly or running away from a swarm of wasps!

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