Have you considered sharing your big day instantly? Many weddings now take place with the likes of live Tweeting or specific hashtags for the special couple. Social media is a thing of the 21st century, to be able to show everyone and anyone your wedding, whilst it’s happening.

If using social media at your wedding is something you are considering, it is always a good idea to consider the do’s and don’ts beforehand. As it continues to create more excitement and buzz around weddings, make sure there’s a limit for your day.


  • Let your guests know how you feel about the use of social media. For instance, you might want to tell them you want to keep the ceremony to yourself, family and friends, but the reception can be shared as much as they like.
  • Create a hashtag. They group together everything and anything about a topic, and the topic of the day will be your wedding. Let guests post tweets and Instagram photos with the hashtag.
  • Use social media to easily reach everybody for any last minute changes. But make sure that those who are less social media savvy receive the information too.
  • Take some selfies. Capture your own moment at the time you please, with whoever and whenever you like.


  • Spoil any exciting surprises on social media in preparation of your wedding. It’s more exciting for your guests when they don’t know what to expect.
  • Be on your phone all day. Live the moment and enjoy the day with your other half, so put away your phone at some points and have fun.
  • Don’t get rid of your professional photographer – they know how to best capture the most important moments of the day.
  • Make anyone contact you only through social media. Be aware that some of your guests might not be as up-to-date with technology as you.

Try use these tips if you are integrating social media into your special day, and most importantly, make sure you enjoy every moment of it. For any other tips or advice, we are happy to help, call us on 01799 526982