Keep offering your guests individual, special details throughout your wedding day. From the décor to the drinks, everything is important. The bar is a vital part of many newlyweds’ reception party, allowing the couple to let their hair down with all their family and friends. And as the warmer weather starts to make an appearance, cocktails become even more relevant. So why not have signature wedding cocktails representing you and your partner’s new life together?

With memorable names and seasonal flavours, these cocktail recipes might be the final personal touch you and your groom have been looking for.

Watermelon Refresher
If you’re marrying in the summer months, think about using seasonal fruits like watermelon in your cocktails. This recipe asks for a strawberry-watermelon combination, a healthy splash of vodka and hints of basil, ginger and lime.

Champagne and Fruit
Sometimes a signature drink can be more about the garnishing than the contents of the drink, like in the case of this drink. Add slices of soaked pears in the champagne glass, along with skewered berries on top.

Margarita Madness
Throw the ultimate party of all parties by making you and your groom’s signature drink the much loved tequila-infused sippers – a margarita.

Blueberry Mojito
If you don’t like the blue shoes or jewellery for your ‘something blue’ make it about your drink instead. This twist on a classic mojito offers a refreshing drink with an addition of fresh blueberries.

Lavender Infusion
Stay seasonal, and use this cocktail if you are marrying in the spring. Infuse your champagne with floral lavender by adding a sprig of the purple stuff to each flute.

Mini Rum and Cokes
It might not be the most original of cocktails, but you and your groom can make it personal to your wedding by serving them up in mini coke bottles.

Add the final personal touch with one of these wedding cocktails, and make your big day a memorable one for you and all your guests.