Remembering the biggest day of your life is partly done through the array of photographs taken from the moment you begin getting ready, until the DJ plays the last song. But ensuring they are kept, looked at, and shown off to their potential is sometimes easier said than done, because where do you put them all? If you’re stuck on ideas, then some of the following may give you what you have been looking for.

Frame them
Some couples may want to have pictures of their special day throughout their house, yet if you are conscious of over-displaying them, then dot a few around; on the bedside table, or hung on the wall. And if not, use a digital frame to display them all without taking up the entire house.

Photo albums
The more traditional concept, with as many photographs as you like from different parts of your special day. They could be displayed on the coffee table, so everyone can take a look, of leave it on the shelf to get out on special occasions.

Your favourite photo, or photos, make great personalised Christmas cards, or even thank you cards to all your guests for attending.

Family members, especially parents, love to able to have part of their child’s wedding day for themselves! For those closest to you, a special wedding photo, framed, personalised to them would be appreciated by all those who received one.

Publish them
A popular choice nowadays, uploading a selection of your wedding photographs to a blog, or even on social media. Sharing the link with family and friends so they can re-live the day whenever they feel the need, whilst also having your photos at your disposable in a click of a mouse.

Hopefully, you now have some ideas of how to display your wedding photographs in a way that best suits you and your other half. And if you are still searching for the dress of your dreams to show off in these photos, take a look at our collection of designer wedding gowns.