After spending months, if not years, on planning the wedding of their dreams, many couples return from their relaxed honeymoon and miss the hectic organising that overtook much of their previous spare time. Additionally, many newlyweds come to the realisation that they now have numerous wedding items in their possession which they are unsure of what to do with. These two factors contribute to the idea of reusing these items, and recycling them for another use.

The Dress

Instead of boxing up your dress in the loft for years to come, there are numerous options to consider. Re-colouring your dress can transform it from a bridal gown into a beautiful ball gown or occasion dress. Or, you could have your dress altered into a lovely cocktail dress and wear it for years to come. On the other hand, you could donate it to charity via your local charity shop, or even donate it to an organisation such as The Wedding Wishing Well foundation.

The Shoes
Instead of putting your beautiful shoes away in a box, consider having them professionally dyed. Changing them from the traditional bridal shoes to ones you can wear at any special occasion.

The Decorations
Most brides spend hours scouring charity shops, eBay and homeware shops for the unique, unusual finishing touches; including vintage crockery, jam jars and love signs. Yet, where do all these additions come into use in your post wedding life? Consider offering your items to other brides via social media pages, directing towards friends and family, or expanding to business pages and making some money for decorations you’ll no longer use.

The Cake
Stay traditional and save the top tier of your cake for your first baby’s christening. Alternatively, cut up and freeze slices of the cake for whenever you fancy re-visiting your special day. Lastly, you could buy some small cake boxes and send every guest home with a slice.

These are just a few ideas for how to make the most of  the things that made your wedding day so special, but don’t forget to enjoy them beforehand and on your special day. Enhance your wedding gown search with us and our experienced team – call us today on 01799 526982.