As the sun has made its first appearance in Britain, the excitement for the upcoming season has already begun. And this is no different for those thousands of brides adding the finishing touches to their British summer wedding; with British being the key word. 2011 saw Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding celebrated worldwide, and four years later, the British wedding theme is continuing to grow in popularity.

Whether it means including a red, white and blue colour theme throughout or a vintage inspired dress code, the traditional British wedding theme is becoming more popular than ever. So, if you are just beginning the planning process, or are looking for the final touches to your big day, here are some ideas to achieve that quintessential British summer wedding:

  1. Find the traditional wedding gown for you
    As vintage-inspired wedding gowns remain desirable, make sure you find the dress that suits you and your theme. Wear a dress as beautiful and elegant as Princess Katherine’s but without the £40,000 price tag from a range of our collections.
  2. Handmade decorations are key
    Making handmade decorations is definitely the way forward to achieving the theme, as many couples continue their quest to make their wedding as individual as possible – bunting is one of the most traditional pieces used within British themed weddings.
  3. ‘Bring your own cake’
    A new, yet somewhat inventive idea for weddings, to distinguish yours from the rest. Instead of fretting about dessert, you can ask everyone to bring a cake to the wedding. Achieving ‘the most vintage, kitsch dessert table imaginable’ when all lined up.
  4. Search for quirky, and intimate venues
    Back in the day, most low-key wedding receptions took place in village halls, so these smaller buildings often still have a lot of charm. Epitomising the traditional British style, and often with quaint gardens to make the most of the summer season, your reception will be intimate and memorable.
  5. Raid your local charity shop
    You never know what you could find that may inspire you further, from traditional tea and china sets that cannot be replicated, to funny ornaments that might make someone smile. These little additions to your wedding could be what make it so unforgettable for your guests.

Use these tips to help replicate this current British summer wedding trend whilst making your day as distinctively memorable as possible. If you would like any bridal gown advice on how to achieve this trend, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01799 526982 today