The wedding breakfast can be one of the most intimate moments throughout the wedding day, giving the bride and groom time to sit down, relax and socialise with family and friends. More importantly, it allows everyone involved the chance to enjoy some delicious food, something that many look forward to all day. However, deciding on the wedding breakfast menu can prove difficult when choosing from every food type out there.

We want to help remove a little bit of that stress and offer some advice to help make this decision a little easier, meaning you can tick another ‘to-do’ off your wedding planning list.

  • Choose a caterer who you know you can easily communicate with – make sure you are working with someone you like, who is willing to meet your every foodie need.
  • Pick food to match your wedding style. If you’re going for an informal, relaxed event, go for sharing boards and tapas. If you’re more traditional, why not have a roast, or salmon and hollandaise sauce?
  • Remember when budgeting, that with a wedding caterer, additional costs are incurred such as event management, equipment hire, staffing and so on.
  • Think about the comfort of your guests and what they would like to eat. You wouldn’t fancy ice-cream on a winters day would you?
  • Try not to overload on carbohydrates. You’ll want your guests to still have the energy to dance and enjoy the night afterwards rather than feeling sluggish and tired after too much food.
  • If you have children attending your big day, tell the caterer in advance. They may think an entirely different meal would be more appropriate than a smaller version of the adult’s meal.
  • Try to please as many people as possible with individual and exciting choices, ensuring everyone will like something on the menu.
  • Ask your guests to advise you, in advance, of any food intolerances or special diets, but be careful how you word this; you don’t want a long list of the foods Auntie Joan isn’t keen on, but you do want to know if she has a gluten allergy!

Try and keep this part of your wedding planning as stress-free as possible by following our top tips, whilst making sure everything still keeps to your theme. Keep your wedding about you and your other half, whilst catering to a range of tastes. It also means that by spending less time planning the wedding breakfast you can have more time on deciding other parts of your wedding; like your dress.