As we enter a new year, we’ve been exploring new and exciting fashion trends and ideas. With ever-changing wedding fashions, there is always something to discover, especially if you’re in the midst of planning your big day. So, if you want to get to know all the gossip about what to expect from 2018 weddings, take a read of the following trends from those who know weddings best.

  • Navy is the new black
    As an alternative to formal black, brides and grooms are opting for dark blue as the neutral shade in their colour palette. This even goes as far as the invitations and of course the bridesmaid dresses.
  • Love metallic? Choose silver and chrome
    As metallic continues to engrave itself into weddings all over the country, couples are bringing silver and chrome into the mix for 2018; linked to the 1970s influence.
  • A return to formality
    Wedding planners are anticipating a stronger presence of the ‘uber-elegant’ weddings this year with cleaner florals, classic tuxedos and a hint of sparkle.
  • Keep your guests entertained
    This year is all about creating an incredible experience for guests, and achieving this by incorporating interactive elements with creative food ideas, music and photo booths. Try to think of different ways to keep your guests smiling.
  • Unique foods are vital
    A lot of couples want to present their guests with a new food experience at their wedding, so 2018 will see more personal food choices including appetiser stations, sushi bars, family recipes and creative desserts.
  • Go all-out with the desserts
    This doesn’t mean wedding cakes are no longer à la mode; it just means many couples are serving more than the one dessert. Try and think creatively, with sweet treats like popsicles, custards and ice cream sandwiches.

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