As festival season is just around the corner, the popularity of festival-themed-weddings is on the rise. Far from the traditions that have influenced weddings for decades, this more rustic approach is perfect for those summer planned ceremonies. There is still the opportunity for that personal touch that will make the memories last a lifetime, and we can help! Here are some fun festival wedding essentials and inspiring ideas to help you plan the perfect festival style celebration.

Fabulous Floral Crowns

Instead of the traditional veil, a floral crown is a must for any festival style bride. Not only are they fun and beautiful to wear, but it’ll also make for a perfect DIY project too.

Wonderful Wellies

When you think of festivals, you think of wellies. So, bring the wellies to your wedding, offering both comfort and style. You can find these in all sorts of shades and prints around the high street for you and your groom.

All Access Pass

Forget invitations, give your guests an all-access pass to your big day with festival style tickets, lanyards or wristbands.

Super Signage

Creative and fun signage lets your guests know where all the festivities are taking place, while adding to that authentic festival feel.

Food for Days

American, Spanish, Italian, Mexican and of course English food is everywhere at festivals, so why not incorporate all these nationalities favourite dishes into your buffet style dinner.

Tent or Tepee?

It’s not a true festival wedding without a tent or some sort of tent structure. These are perfect for summer weddings for that outdoor feel even with the unpredictable British weather.

Light Up the Night

No festival style wedding would be complete without glow sticks or sparklers. Perfect to give your guests for dancing the night away to.

Festivals take place come rain or shine, so your festival style wedding should be no different! Plan something different to anything you’ve seen before, and we’re sure your guests will want to come back next year to celebrate your first anniversary. And if you’re looking for the perfect festival chic dress, take a look at our stunning collections online.