Planning your wedding is one of the most amazing, but stressful experiences most couples go through, and it doesn’t end on the big day. After that comes the honeymoon and it’s only right to make sure this is as thought out as the rest of the process. Yet, as a once-in-a-lifetime trip, it can be challenging to narrow down the options you both have to find your perfect destination. We want to make this choice a little easier for you, so follow these tips to ensure your honeymoon is everything you’ve ever wanted.

Set a Budget
Working out exactly how much you can and want to spend on your honeymoon is always the first step, allowing you a better idea of where you’ll be able to go. Set aside time together to come up with a number you’re both happy with, and then start looking at how far, or close, you’ll be travelling.

Choose Trip Length
How long would you like to, and can afford to, travel for? Things such as work schedules, holiday entitlement, and any upcoming events will help make this decision.

Choose a Theme
Have you been dreaming of cocktails on a sun-soaked beach? Or want to explore the historic sites of Europe? Decide what you both want from your honeymoon, and maybe consider mixing and matching these tastes until you’re both happy.

Consider the Season
Remember to think about school holidays, crowds, prices, local customs and potential weather disruptions when you choose what time of year to get away. Just carry out a little background research on your top three choices to see when is best to visit.

Remember Amenities
Make a note of amenities and services that are must-haves for you both when on holiday, and then once this list is compiled, search for destinations and hotels that only include those top items.

And then most importantly, make sure you both enjoy every minute of your honeymoon and first few weeks of being newlyweds because they’re memories that will stay forever. Similarly, if you’re planning a 2018 destination wedding, our bridal services allow for extra packaging for your wedding dress. Visit us in-store or call us on 01799 526982 to find out more about these services.