Your wedding day is the best, biggest and most memorable day of your life, but it seems to fly by within a blink of an eye. Taking in every aspect of your big day on the day is sometimes difficult, when you are trying to enjoy the moment, and that’s why the wedding photographs are so important. The only aspect of your wedding that you can look back on in however many months or years, and relive the special moments you shared.

And so making sure every possible aspect is documented through your photographs is always important. Use the following ideas to make sure this takes place.

Your Dress
Without a doubt, you will have hundreds of pictures of you in your wedding dress, but a still image of your gown lets you preserve it in your memory, just like the first time you saw it.

Bridal Details
A portrait of yourself is a great way to capture small touches, like your hair and jewellery.

The Rings
Having two shots of these special rings would be idea. One alone, against your dress for a high-fashion look, and one of your two rings together, to symbolise your new union.

The Bridal Bouquet
It’s detail shots like these that will really help you tell the story of your wedding.

Groom’s Boutonniere
The male’s answer to the bride’s bouquet deserves its own picture too.

Pre-ceremony Emotions
Whether it’s your separate car rides to the ceremony or last words of advice from parents, these moments are emotional and worth capturing.

A Dramatic Pose
These are your wedding photographs, so if you want your photographer to do a few more artsy or dramatic shots, tell them.

The Aisle Walk
Whoever accompanies you, this is a dramatic picture that you’ll treasure long after the recessional.

We Did It
The recessional shot is usually one of the happiest in the album.

Hopefully all of the above gave you some ideas and inspiration for your wedding photographs, so that you know what you want to remember most from your big day. And making sure you look beautiful in them is partly our job, so if you are searching for you dream wedding gown, contact us on 01799 526982 today.