How do you keep all your bridesmaids happy when it comes to choosing their frocks?  Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are now more popular than ever after several celebrity brides started the trend. Not only can you successfully cater for the different shapes, styles and aspirations of your bridal party, you can also add a little more style, colour and depth to your wedding palette.

However, mix and match bridesmaid dresses are not always an easy thing to pull off, but to make your bridesmaids feel individually gorgeous, the extra work is worth it. And to help you along the way, we have put together some top tips to achieve this end goal.

No one hue

Unless you choose something like white, gold or black, don’t ask your bridesmaids to pick a dress in a single designated colour. Many styles are available in the same tone, so opt for one of them, and let your party make their own choices.

Don’t delegate

You may be tempted to give free reign, but your bridesmaids will appreciate some direction. Showing them the rest of your wedding ideas will give them an idea of the look and feel you’re going for.

Sparkle or lace

Don’t be afraid to introduce pattern, sequins, ruffle or lace for a really fashion-forward take on the mix and match trend.

A shade away

If you’re choosing colours from a similar spectrum, try to ensure the dresses are a full shade apart, as dresses that are almost the same colour but not quite, may look odd in pictures.

Throw away the rule book

There are no rules. It’s your wedding, and you should go with whatever you love. You don’t need to listen to rules for sticking to a maximum of three colours, or keeping the same hemline; do whatever makes you happy.

Select some swatches

Make things easier for yourself and opt to get your dresses from a readily mixed and matched collection. Examples may already be available, but order swatches if you’re unsure.

It’s always worth taking a risk, and doing something different for your big day, especially when it can make your bridal party love their dresses even more! If you’re looking for just that, our latest bridesmaid collection, twobirds, is now in-store and offers up to 15 different styles from just one dress, so take a look online today, or call us on 01799 526982.