“Marry in May and you’ll rue the day.”

Once upon a time, getting married in the month of May was considered unlucky. Overly superstitious couples planning a wedding might opt against setting a date for the month of May, but now the spring month is considered by many as the start of the wedding season.

Spring conjures thoughts and images of yellow daffodils, cloud-like baby lambs bouncing around luscious green grass fields and with bright blue skies overhead, it’s time to make the most of it. As the sun burns brighter, your choice of venue dramatically increases. You can entertain the possibility of having either an outdoors reception, or even going to greater lengths to host the ceremony itself in a spectacular outdoor space.

The idea of being able to hold a portion of your special day outside is nothing short of wondrous. To be able to take a piece of your day – and your guests – out into a more open and free environment can add another subtly beautiful dimension to be enjoyed by all. With venues from Dumfries to Dorset and anywhere in-between, whether it’s a castle and gardens or somewhere coastal with a golden sandy beach, your perfect outdoor setting may only be a short search away.

Delicately enhancing the surroundings with watercolour palettes and floral combinations of lilies and orchids, or adding splashes of colour with May traditions of overflowing blooms and garlands. From tulips and snap dragons to roses and peonies, a wedding in May should undoubtedly be a vibrant day, with so many flowers bursting into life.

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