Whether they are your children, siblings, cousins or even family friends, inviting children to your wedding can be a difficult decision to make. You obviously want them there to be able to share your special day with those who mean the most to you, but the younger audience don’t quite enjoy the day in the same way as other wedding guests. Planning ahead, as you have done throughout your wedding process, for the added bundles of energy will ensure your day goes swimmingly whilst all guests are occupied.

  1. Kids’ meals matter
    Not all children will enjoy the speciality menu provided at most weddings, so if you’re opting for a seated dinner, why not add a children’s option; simple but loved by the little ones.
  2. Fun favours
    You can make your wedding more enjoyable for younger guests by providing favours they can appreciate. Consider sweet favours, maybe personalised M&Ms specific to your special day, or even use small toy favours that will keep them entertained for some time.
  3. Give them responsibilities
    Full of energy, some children will be running around all day. Keep the excitement at bay with some low key tasks, whether it be a flower girl or page boy, to taking pictures of the special day or handing out wedding programmes.
  4. Consider the time
    If children are a big part of your day, then it would be best to hold the event before bedtime. Yet, if you would prefer a later ceremony, offer a quiet room where children can retreat for their regular naps.
  5. Provide reception entertainment
    Keeping the little ones entertained will provide you and your guests with more of a chance to have adult-time. Consider hiring a balloon artist, clown or magician in a designated area of your reception room, and if not that, try non messy crafts or board games.

Make sure to consider the above among numerous other factors when planning your child-friendly wedding. They will enjoy your special day as much as you, as long as they are busy and entertained; making your day much less stressful, and memorable for all the right reasons.