You have probably lost count of the number of times you’ve heard something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue since saying ‘yes’. It’s one of the most popular wedding superstitions; suggesting that if you include all of the above, you can have a long and happy marriage. It’s always something brides are asked about on the big day, so you may as well have some innovative ideas to share.

Something Old

As the vintage trend continues to prove popular for many brides, there are many ‘old’ items that you can incorporate into your wedding look. Firstly, consider wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery; whether it’s a brooch, garter, necklace or earrings.

On the other hand, consider your christening bracelet, an old family veil, or even an old family cake topper that can be re-used.

Something New

This will most likely be your wedding dress or your new husband. But, what else would be good that’s new? The Duchess of Cambridge wore a new pair of diamond earrings that were commissioned especially for her by her parents.

Often, many grooms buy their brides-to-be a gift that’s presented to them on the morning of the wedding; a pearl bracelet, earrings or a necklace. If you’re not into too much jewellery, then you could treat yourself to a new lipstick or some new makeup for the big day. Just make sure your something new is something practical that you’re going to enjoy in the long-term.

Something Borrowed

Your mother-in-law may wish to lend you a vintage accessory or brooch to decorate your bridal bouquet with, that has meaning to her, or her family. Accessories are usually a favourite item to borrow if you can, making the lender feel that little bit closer to you on your big day.

Another item to borrow is the veil. Traditionally-styled veils don’t go out of fashion, so they’re a timeless piece to borrow, while saving you some money at the same time. Make sure the something borrowed has sentiment because the lender will love to know that their article is included in your special day.

Something Blue

If you want a more visible blue accessory other than on your garter, there are many options. Light blue wedding shoes can look amazing with a traditional gown. You could even opt for a coloured wedding dress, such as a pale blue. Other than that, if you have a sapphire engagement ring, then maybe that could be your something blue.

These different ideas should offer you enough options when deciding on your special accessories for your wedding day. And if you are still searching for ‘the’ dress for you, we are confident that we could help you with our stunning collection of designer wedding gowns.