Planning your entire wedding can be a difficult task to start, not knowing where or what to begin with. If you are stuck on how to start your planning, consider the theme of your big day. And if you are struggling with this, here are some of the most popular ideas for a themed wedding right now.

Great Gatsby

There has been a touch of this theme for a few years now, but it is anticipated to continue its popularity through 2016. It provides flexibility and options – couples don’t have to be married to specific colour and can make it their own. Try using sparkly linens, tall centrepieces, and black and white in the décor.

Rustic Chic
There’s rustic mason jars and lace, and then there’s rustic chic with sparkle and wildflowers. More couples are wanting the barn-style wedding, but they still want some formality. Consider gorgeous farm house tables, chiavari chairs, and bright pops of colour.

This theme is for those couples who want the formality of a hall or ballroom but want to bring their own design as well. Calla lilies are often used in modern weddings, as well as sharp suits and fitted wedding gowns.

Secret Garden
Produce something magical and beautiful with a secret garden theme, working well for a variety of couples, and their wedding desires. For this style, use plenty of flowers from the entrance to the exit, including mounting floral designs on the wall. Lace is also very popular, whilst incorporating vintage china into the place settings.

Starry Night
If you are planning a 2016 winter wedding when everything is dark, consider this theme. Working with a base of white flowers and sparkle, everything else can be draped in navy blue with black undertones. Use dark blue lines to drape the tables and tall white centrepieces surrounded by candles.

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