Summer is in full swing meaning one thing; weddings galore. And even though the sun is shining now, the forecast isn’t so clear with potential dress malfunctions, ruined make-up and hair catastrophes on the horizon. So with this summer getting off to a sizzling start, have a look at these ten top tips to hold onto those hours of preparation and ensure a stunning look in those clear blue skied photos.

1. Choose a wedding gown suited to the weather
If you’re hoping for warm weather, look for fabrics that breathe or think about adding
something like a light weight lace onto your gown.

2. Choose the right shoes
Wearing thicker heels that are also comfortable won’t sink into the soft grass.

3. Remove the train
If your ceremony is outdoors, you don’t want to start gathering grass stains with every step
you take down the aisle.

4.  Prepare for summer hair
Try sleeker hairstyles such as a low ponytail rather than curls or anything too sculptured as hairstyles with height will not look good for long in hot summer weather.

5. Choose makeup carefully
Try to avoid any liquid makeup so use the powdered or crayon versions, whilst also considering applying a primer to help everything stay where it should be.  Most importantly, finish your look with waterproof mascara and for extra caution pack blotting paper and extra powder to avoid the dreaded oil-dipped look in your photos.

6. Re-think the flowers in your hair
Fresh flowers tucked into your hair will not look so beautiful when they start to wilt, so fake flowers may be the next best choice.

7. Avoid lobster red photos
Throughout the day top up on your sun cream to make sure the summer scenery isn’t overpowered by an overly blushing bride.

8. Use natural shade
Scout out your location and ask to arrange seats and tables under the shade of trees, or with big, bright table umbrellas.

9. Provide cooling gadgets
Keep the guests cool, but also for you to remain cool, calm and collective throughout the day.

10. Have a Plan B
We all know the British weather can be unpredictable every now and again, so make sure you have somewhere for you to take cover until the weather returns to its glorious past.