When any bride-to-be starts thinking about her dream dress, the silhouette is one of the main things she needs to consider. However, it appears that the decision around choosing a long-sleeved, short-sleeved or strapless style wedding dress is also a very hard and important judgment to make.

Long-sleeved wedding dresses are usually considered more of a traditional style, but hey, have you seen how stunning the royal brides Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle looked in their long-sleeved wedding dresses? This is a huge indication that long-sleeved dresses may be a traditional style, but they definitely create a pretty and romantic look, making them a great choice for modern brides.

What’s more, sleeves can add many different looks to dresses as they don’t normally appear the same. Long sleeves can add elegance, sexiness, playfulness and even freshness to the overall style.

Another reason brides love the way they feel in a long-sleeved wedding dress is the fact they can cover their arms with elegance. This is great for people who aren’t so keen on having this part of their body on show during their special day.

When considering the benefits we’ve mentioned for choosing a long-sleeved wedding dress, we’ve put together some of the best wedding dress styles with long sleeves.

There are some brides who think long-sleeve wedding dresses will make them look too mature and old fashioned, but we couldn’t disagree more! Look at all of those dresses above! Would you say they are too old fashioned? We don’t think so!

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