Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for its cultural and religious reasons, many couples wish to share this day with their own wedding day. No matter your relation to the holiday, you can celebrate the Irish culture and heritage with a beautiful themed wedding, whilst adding your own personal touches for your special day. Here are some amazing ways to incorporate the Irish theme into your wedding.

  • A green shamrock carefully placed on top of a twine-wrapped table setting is a great addition to your wedding reception.
  • Green bridesmaid dresses look beautiful when paired with fresh wildflowers and plenty of green foliage.
  • Green shamrock cut-outs and gold calligraphy make stunning place cards, either taking the time to handwrite them or simply getting them printed.
  • Consider adding some green to your own bridal look with a green jacket, or even a sash. This theme can be complemented by the groom wearing a green boutonniere or tie.
  • The sparkling Shamrock cocktail is a mixture of your favourite champagne and Midori, which is a green melon-flavoured liquor to add more green to your day.
  • Macaroons have proven popular in more recent years for wedding desserts, and green ones add more to your themed day.
  • Try chocolate stout cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting for your wedding cake; topped off with some green sprinkles.
  • A bouquet of green carnations is simple yet striking, and would look stunning in your bridesmaids’ hands as they walk down the aisle.
  • Offer an Irish buffet of goods, from mini shepherd’s pies to Irish whiskey caramels to Guinness pudding – meaning you can try a piece of everything.

Hopefully, these green ideas will have you even more excited at the thought of your St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding. We may even be able to help in finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses in the right colour for you – you can see our collection here before visiting us in-store.