Shopping for a wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and many brides wish to make it as memorable as possible. Although many women plan their wedding from a young age, just as many brides-to-be enter the process with little idea of what they want, or what to do first. We see a mixture of both types of brides in our shop, and know how difficult it can be to know what you’re doing, and if it’s right.

Thus, we have put together some steps for finding the dress of your dreams, and how to hone in on the right style for your big day.

Start your search at least nine months to a year before your wedding date
Designer gowns should be ordered six to nine months in advance to ensure there is enough time for delivery and alterations.

Come up with a realistic budget
Remember to factor in any additional costs that could be incurred through delivery or alterations when you budget for your dress. By planning, it also removes the distress if you find ‘the’ dress and it’s out of your budget.

Familiarise yourself with wedding gown silhouettes prior to going shopping
Bridal gown silhouettes fall into six broad categories: ball gown, empire, A-line, sheath, fit-and-flare and mermaid. Knowing what these are beforehand will help you narrow down the options.

Limit your dress shopping entourage
Although many brides-to-be want to bring everyone, the more people you invite, the greater the chance you’ll end up overwhelmed or confused, so, bring those who will be instrumental in helping you make your decision.

Keep an open mind when trying on gowns
A dress that seems so-so on the hanger may end up looking spectacular once you try it on. On the other hand, a gown that you’ve been pining over online may not be as perfect when you try it on, so be ready to be surprised.  

In the end, choose the dress that feels right for you?
You should feel beautiful and confident in your wedding gown, no matter what everyone else thinks; only you can make the right choice.

We hope these top tips have helped you begin your search, and understand some of the processes that take place. If you are at any point of these steps and have any questions, or would like to book a Fleur de Lys Bridal appointment, call us on 01799 526982