Decorating your reception venue can sometimes be one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning, and with most locations, couples can make changes to meet their theme. Whether this is with extensive décor or maybe a more minimalistic look to add some personalisation to your ceremony, such as hanging signage and lights or draping material, there’s always potential. Here are a few ideas that are low maintenance and easy, but will make a big impact!

  • Drape the ceilings
    Keep it formal and elegant with white fabric, or if you’re after a fun vibe, choose a bright colour like yellow or green.
  • Pick up patterned pillows
    If you have a chill-out area in your reception, why not add some finishing touches? Visit a housewares department for some pillow and cover them with your favourite patterned fabric.
  • Hang your flowers
    Flowers aren’t only for the table. Hanging arrangements a few feet above tables is an inventive way to create a more intimate space.
  • Chalkboard signage
    They’re an excellent way to decorate an entrance or liven up the cocktail bar, and you can personalise it in any way you wish; maybe with an old photo frame surrounding it.
  • Rent coloured glassware
    Instead of pouring your entire reception décor budget into the centrepieces, consider coloured glassware to make your tables pop.
  • Order calligraphed menus
    There are countless scripts for every type of affair, depending on your wedding theme. Or, you could always try this yourself, or ask a talented friend to do so to help your budget.
  • Make a family photo wall
    For an easy conversation starter, create a wall of family wedding photographs. Keep yours, and your partner’s family separate or mix them up.
  • Photo backdrops
    A focal point and a photo backdrop can be created through layers of different colours and shapes; using tissue paper tassels, balloons, garlands or greenery or paper flowers.

We’re sure you will be able to integrate a number of these ideas into your wedding reception décor, while adding a personal twist to make it all about your big day. If you want further advice on choosing a dress that screams you, call us on 01799 526982.