As summer takes hold, weddings take prominence in upcoming events, with outdoor ceremonies being at the heart of many. Yet, not everyone decides to take the risk with the British summer weather, and how unpredictable it can be from day-to-day. In recent years, destination weddings have seen a significant rise in popularity, as couples start the next chapter of their life some place other than where they call home.

On top of the mountains of planning and stress a wedding entails, deciding on a wedding abroad adds even more to the process. So, if you are thinking of, or have just begun your destination wedding planning, we have put together some do’s and don’ts:


Choose a location that’s easy to get to:
One of the most remote islands in the world may be the most stunning places on earth, but consider the practicalities of reaching this destination, it’s not something that you or your guests will want to worry about.

Choose a package, or a planner:
Planning a wedding from far away will be difficult, so you’ll definitely need a wedding package or a wedding planner familiar with the area.

Send out invites early:
Some guests won’t book flights and hotel rooms until they have the official invite, so instead of the standard two months, send your invites out at least three months beforehand.

Plan events for the whole weekend – not just the wedding:
Taking place over a few days, destination weddings are a holiday for your guests too. And being ‘trapped’ at the destination, it will be your responsibility to keep them entertained, consider a welcome party; a rehearsal dinner; and maybe a party the night before.


Invite everyone you know:
Whilst it is possible to have a large destination wedding, a lot of couples prefer to keep the setting a bit more intimate, normally with 40 to 50 guests.

Pay for your guests’ flights (unless you want to):
Couples are not expected to pay for the guests’ accommodation or travel, and although some do, most guests are willing to pay to enjoy the experience with you.

Wear attire that can’t stand the heat:
If you have chosen a beach destination wedding, think about light fabrics and colours; silk, chiffon, or organza are ideal fabrics for the bridal gown. You’ll also need to think of the journey your gown will have to make. We can advise on that and provide special packaging to ensure your dress arrives in perfect condition.

Ignore the backup location:
It’s easy to get swept up by the thought of a sunset beach ceremony, but also take a look at the venue’s indoor options, should the weather change.

If you’re searching for your dream destination wedding gown, a number of our designer collections accommodate the needs of different climates and we have a dedicated ‘destination wedding’ department. Call us on 01799 526982 to find out more about these designs, as well as our accessories to compliment you on your big day.