Whether you’re planning your wedding on a budget, or just want your special day to be original, DIY weddings have become a regular occurrence in today’s ceremonies. Adding your own personal touch adds extra responsibility; yet the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make your wedding memorable have been a just couple of reasons for this current trend.

If you’re thinking of creating elements of your own wedding day, then here are some ideas for a creative, inspiring, and original DIY wedding:

  • Wedding card mini-album: Don’t store your wedding cards away where no-one can see them, why not create a keepsake album, holding those cherished memories.
  • Wedding-day survival kits: Ripped hems, accidental red wine stains and uncomfortable shoes; with this kit, your bridal party will be prepared for any minor bumps.
  • DIY seashell boutonniere: This captures a fresh, by-the-sea vibe without venturing too far into tropical territory, using your surroundings.
  • “Will you be my bridesmaid?” box: Asking loved ones to be in your bridal party is a joyful moment – why not sweeten it with a keepsake?
  • DIY hot chocolate favour: Edible gifts packaged in jars are a huge trend, and who can resist a cup of cocoa on a chilly winter’s day?
  • Save the date sign: Making a sign with your big date, and photographing it with yourself and fiancé in the background will certainly remind your guests of your wedding.
  • DIY braided hairstyles: The relaxed, loose braid is increasingly popular, and so search YouTube for the best tutorials, of which most are under five minutes long.
  • Bridal nail art: The nail art trend, including 3D embellishments, chunky glitter and intricate patterns has dominated wedding trends – and you can do it all yourself.
  • DIY vintage teacup candles: Finding vintage teacups, candle wax flakes and a little patience will produce stunning displays for your reception.
  • Tea station: Some of your guests may like a hot drink in the evening, so setting up a tea station needn’t be expensive at all, and is incredibly simple to do.

Take a step out of the ordinary and try something unique for your wedding. If you would like any help or advice on your wedding dress, shoes, veil or jewellery, don’t hesitate to call us on 01799 526982