Choosing the music for your wedding reception can cause more worry than first anticipated for many couples. From young to old, every newlywed hopes the dancefloor is full, and for everyone to be up on their feet until the DJ plays the last song. It’s no easy feat to compile an extensive list of endless songs, and sometimes the playlist seems more trouble than it’s worth.

Nevertheless, we thought we would offer some advice on picking enough songs to last through your wedding reception and to meet everyone’s preferences.

Select a variety of musical styles

Featuring a wide range of guest ages, most likely from teenagers to grandparents, variety is essential. So, make everyone feel as though they are part of your special day with choices from everyone’s era.

Start dance sets with recognisable oldies

For the initial dance set, being in the oldies genres such as 60s rock, Motown or disco, to gain the trust of older guests. Hopefully seeing them go with the flow for your modern dance selections later in the night.

Use atmospheric music for dinner music

If you prefer non-danceable genres such as indie rock, or something more fluid, use these songs when enjoying your cocktail hour or while eating your dinner.

Gravitate towards chart music selections

After a short dinner rest, you want your guests up and dancing, so try mainstream songs that are recognised by most guests. This means you can use at least 40 songs from the most recent chart and have a significant number of your song selection completed.

Include several ballads

Weddings are all about romance, so including these slower songs gives guests the opportunity to dance as a pair, and enjoy the overall romance of the day.

Talk to your DJ about your music

Show the DJ your playlist and ask for their honest feedback. Inform them of your guest demographics and the feel you want from the night, allowing the DJ to impart their expert knowledge about what will and what won’t work.

Hopefully, this has removed some of the stress of ensuring your guests are all enjoying the music of choice during your reception. If you are looking for the perfect bridal dancing gown for these songs, call us on 01799 526982, and we can find ‘the’ gown for you.