Your wedding day is a moment to treasure for a lifetime! Every little detail needs to be carefully planned out to perfection, which includes one of the key aspects behind the entire occasion, and that’s your wedding dress.

There are so many choices on the marketplace, ranging from traditional designs all the way through to more contemporary items. Even when you’ve picked out what appears to be the ideal choice, you may feel alterations are necessary to really fine-tune the style you adopt when the big day arrives.

So, here are perhaps the most common adjustments you can make to wedding dresses.


As one of the simplest alterations you can make, changing the length of your straps can help them feel either tight or loose. This helps people create the perfect look that suits their figure.


A standout feature behind a wedding dress would be the hem since this offers elegance to the piece. Making sure you have a hem which is measured in accordance with your height is hugely important, which is why this can often be lengthened or shortened to ensure graceful movements can be made possible.


Choosing between an open or closed neckline can also make a huge difference to the overall look for your wedding dress. The former offers a more casual vibe, whereas the latter is more suited to a neat looking appearance.


This isn’t a change you can make to the dress as such, however choosing different jewellery pieces can also help establish the look you’re shooting for. Whether you use an opulent or simple approach with jewellery, this can either amplify the gaudy nature of your appearance or further increase a more simpler tone.

a woman's neck line on her wedding day.


Long gone are the days where the traditional white wedding dress was the only option available. Now, brides can choose between this and a slew of other alterations, offering greater versatility for their appearance. For example, you may benefit from an Ivory wedding dress, which takes on a slightly darker hue.


You may desire the best of both worlds in terms of design, in which case maybe think about a simple layout for the front for the dress, and then using the back to include more intricate details. Use this as a blank canvas and create a floral pattern, as this will give your dress so much more character.

a woman's neck line on her wedding day.


Further style can be added to the sleeves, and if this compliments what you’ve established across the back, you’ll be able to create a more consistent looking wedding dress. Blending both simple and lavish approaches to design means you’re likely to have something unique to you.

If you would like more information about the best approach to wedding dress design, our team is always happy to discuss the options we have available, ready to pair you up with the most appropriate designs. Simply contact Fleur De Lys today and we can book you in for an initial consultation, taking into account your direct needs and presenting you with the best options on the marketplace.