Wedding planning can more than likely become overpowering and stressful for some brides, with every detail being as important as the next. And with the wedding day sometimes months away, a break, and celebration is needed; in the form of a bridal shower. Originally an American custom, this social event is beginning to show its presence with the UK brides. Offering the bridal party, among other family and friends, the chance to spoil, and spend time with the bride in a different environment to the hotly anticipated hen do.

A lack of clarity over the bridal shower due to its short existence in the UK can sometimes make the organising difficult. Most importantly, the theme of the shower, the starting point that allows the rest of the event to fall into place should be decided. Thus, to help you on your way to ensuring your bridal shower is perfect for you, here are some themes.

  • Parisian
    It has been a popular choice for many years, Paris is a popular choice; it’s the city of love, and as a setting, the perfect choice for a bridal shower. Make sure to include the beautiful, bright floral bouquets, as well as the menu, featuring traditional French cuisine – baguettes and brie, petit fours, macaroons, and croissants – which will make you feel as if you’re actually in Paris.
  • Tea Time
    Bringing this American tradition over to the UK means we can add our touch to it; a cup of tea or two. Chic, sophisticated and tasty, you will feel like British royalty with a tea party inspired bridal shower. Complete the day with vintage tea pots, scones with jam and clotted cream, and finger sandwiches – maintaining tradition.
  • Retro
    Continuing to influence other celebrations, the retro theme is perfect for this one too. For the bride who wants something a bit different, put a retro spin on things and transport here straight to the past. Retro recipes, decorations and dresses from the 1940s and 1950s; and make sure to not forget your camera.
  • Strawberry Shortcake
    If you like pink, and have a sugary sweet personality, then this is the theme for you. Fill the venue with bright pink flowers and serve yummy strawberry treats, and you have a bridal shower for the books.
  • Spa Day
    DIY beauty and spa treatments will provide the ideal de-stressing you need, giving you a break from all the planning that surrounds your big day. Facials, foot scrubs and hair masks are all the ideal way of doing so.

Hopefully these ideas will provide you with the perfect idea to make your wedding experience a little different to the traditional British bride; whilst giving you a day to de-stress and enjoy some treats.