Whether it is in the UK or somewhere a little more exotic, the choice of a beach location for a wedding ceremony has flourished in more recent years. Taking a risk with the British weather, or flying you and your guests somewhere abroad, this setting is seen to be romantic, as well as slightly less traditional.

If this is something you are planning, then there are numerous ways to make your beach wedding individual to you and your soon to be husband. Take a read of some that could fit into your special day.

Opt for colours or designs that represent the beach. For example, white anemones, lots of greenery and a teal ribbon make for the perfect sea-inspired bouquet. Additionally, you could add mini starfish to your bouquet for something a little different.

Announce your magnificent occasion to come with oyster shells that guests have to crack open – all of which could be filled with individual slips of paper.

A tea-length dress is wearable on the beach, and very summery. Or you and your other half could go for the causal approach and wear a short and simple dress, paired with shorts for the groom.

Ceremony Ideas
There’s nothing worse than having grains of sand in your shoes, so employ a shoe check and provide your guests with flip flops. And if you have invited children, keep them busy with buckets filled with toys.

Keep the theme alive and use a wooden lighthouse surrounded by flowers for a seaside reception, or even have a message-in-a-bottle inspired table number.

Must-Have Photos
Some of the following ideas are perfect for a beach wedding: take a walk along the beach with your nearest and dearest, jump for joy and be photographed mid-jump, and don’t forget the classic silhouette photograph with your husband against the sunset.

Make the most of your location and theme, and have a stunning beach wedding. If you are searching for the dream beach wedding gown, browse our selection of designer wedding dresses.