When it comes to getting married, there is no place like home. The at home wedding trend has risen in popularity over more recent years, seeing the place classed as home being used to move onto the next stage of a couple’s lives. From the movies where the couple marry in a beachside estate, to the more realistic option of tying the knot in your childhood home back garden, or your Grandma’s perfect country cottage.

This choice of venue is chosen for many personal reasons, however the chance that you have everything you need for a wedding ceremony lying around your house is minimal. It may end up being a little more work than expected, but there will never be any regret in saying your vows in the place than means most to you. Use these ideas to help you plan your at-home wedding.

You need room to say ‘I do’
Does your family home, or back garden have enough space for all your anticipated guests? If not, you will have to begin removing some from the list, because you don’t want your day to become overcrowded. And if you are planning a ceremony outdoors, make sure there is enough room inside if the typical British weather appears.

You can’t do it all yourself
As you are so accustomed to your home, using a wedding planner will enable a fresh perspective of the property to be revealed. Noticing certain aspects of the house that you never knew stood out could allow your wedding to have another boost of something special. Additionally hiring a cleaner to carry out all the little jobs before your big day will save you time and stress.

Wedding vendors need to check out your home
Vendors will need to have a look around your home to know what extras they will need to bring. For example, a caterer will need to understand the way your kitchen is laid out, and if it is well-equipped.

You can save on decorations
Make the most of the individual features your home offers, both inside and out; play up the feature to create a homey feel. Using what you already have along with garden lamps, paper lanterns, and tiny white lights strung on branches will allow you to create a stunning atmosphere.

Hopefully these ideas will help you plan your at-home wedding, to make it special to you, along with your choice of your wedding gown. If you would like any advice, or would like to book your very own VIP appointment, call us on 01799 526982 today.