Rebecca is the owner and co-founder of Fleur de Lys Bridal. She works with hundreds of brides each year and personally selects the dresses in store. She knows which dresses suit which body type, what works in reality (not just in glossy magazines) and how to make women feel beautiful – the best version of themselves. Here she reveals how to get the most from your appointment at Fleur de Lys Bridal.

Know your budget … Come with this in mind and stick to it. It will ensure you don’t fall for a dress that’s beyond your reach and could push you beyond your comfort zone. We have an enormous range of dresses, so chances are we have something for you.

Bring the right squad … and keep it small. Bring along people whose opinions you trust. You may have a large group of friends but you wouldn’t want to hear all their opinions in one go. Look to your mum or best friend for honest feedback, but always trust your own instinct.

Be open … It’s easy to discount dresses on the hanger but when they’re on you it’s a whole different story. Ask your mum, friend or even us to select some dresses for you. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Wear the right underwear … Black pants and bras with straps are a no-no. Keep it nude (as it were) and as seamless as possible.

Consider your venue … Having a beach wedding? Then step away from the sleeved lace number with Cathedral-length train. You will fry. The venue and overall feel of your day are important when selecting your wedding dress.

When you’ve found the one, stop looking … No more trying on. No more internet searches. You’ll only be torturing yourself. You made the right choice. Put down the phone!